We have numerous customers that let us know when we have done a good job and occasionally we they tell us we messed something up. If we ever have a problem we fix it immediately and we strive to Q.C. our parts entirely before they are shipped out. Here are a some of recent comments that we have in an email that I felt like sharing.

we are sponsors of Kaser Motor Sports

We are proud to Sponsor Jaser Kaser and Kaser Motor Sports for the 2012 and 2013 Racing Seasons.  We will be providing the team with Machined parts as well as laser and Waterjet cut parts. Congratulations need to go out to Jase he is currently leading the NWAAS Nebraska state points, leading JMS track points, and 2nd in I-80 track points. We have made many parts for Kaser motor sports here are a few 3d models of them

Jase Kaser Racing

Shock Mount made for Kaser Motor sports


Bracket 3d model



Race Car clevis


I Am a Man – Tribute to Standing Bear Art

Thanks for the awesome job!

Just hung the exhibition yesterday and this is “I Am a Man – Tribute to Standing Bear” that you cut for me:)

Water jet Cut out of Glass

Water jet Cut Art

I Am a Man-Tribute to Standing Bear. This was water jet cut out of glass that a local artist created.


This was  Water jet Cut out of Glass that Carrie Strope Sohayda a Local artist made.

She then put this beautiful art piece together and was on display  in the Governors Mansion of Nebraska. With our water jet we are able to cut all kinds of material that conventional machining or cutting techniques would not allow.

Carrie Sohayda www.calyxglass.com
“I work with glass integrating different techniques, including mosaic, kiln-formed (or fused) glass, glass painting and stained glass. I enjoy experimenting with and combining various techniques and processes, using them to add new facets to my work. I am influenced by intricate geometric designs and color exploration, incorporating a love for quilting, textiles and bright colors inherited from my mother, who was an avid quilter. I love the meditation of breaking glass into many pieces, building them together into a new form. I enjoy that kilnformed glass can be a challenge. There’s always a chance for surprises and accidents. When the kiln lid closes, the glass can shift as it changes from a solid to a liquid and back. The transformative and independent nature of kiln-formed glass and its lessons of detachment have helped me evolve not only as an artist but also as a person, and makes me want to share glass as a medium with as many people as possible.”

We can cut basically any material up to about 6″ thick. We can cut aluminum, stainless steel, hardened tool steels, mild steel, ceramics, glass, tile, wood, plastic, stone, rubber, foam, insulation, and just about anything else you can imagine.


I am Very impressed by the work that WCS did

I am Very impressed by the work that WCS did on powder coating our foul poles. Excellent work, timely delivery time, and all around top notch job.

Gary Young, Blackhawk Baseball, Lincoln, Nebraska

Your parts all came in correct to print and on time!

I hadn’t taken the time to let you guys know that you did a superb job on the recent order.

We did half orders with you and another company. Your parts all came in correct to print and on time, the other company had numerous errors and were 3 weeks behind. In regards to the hinge pin quote, we are still in process on that work and have not had the product finalized yet.

Mike in Nebraska