Powder coating of Pole for baseball field

Powder Coating Yellow in Lincoln Nebraska

This is an example of our

batch Powder coating booth.

we can do large parts up to 12 ft long.

We also run parts on an automated chain system which for smaller parts is much more productive. We send our managers out of house for third party training in everything from Laser cutting to powder coating. We have a lot of different pretreatment options including sand blasting,bead blasting,vibratory finishing, and chemfos which is a high temperature chemical pretreatment and is safe for the environment. We like helping out the community with projects like the base ball field because there is more in life than just work. When we doing something that can help make kids lives in Lincoln Nebraska better we jump at the chance.

We are a Job shop located in Lincoln Nebraska. We are right in the center of the country. We have many different things we can do for you. Some of our equipment include CNC Machining centers, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Saws, 4000 watt Laser 5′ x 10′, Water Jet 6′ x 12′, 12′ CNC Press Brake 250 ton, and many more. We also have in-house powder coating, Welding and an assembly dept. If you would like to get a quote on something give us a call at 1-877-566-0326 Ask for Sarah or Dane. Or email us at sales@wcsjobshop.com.