Laser cutting .25inch aluminum 6061

Laser cutting of 1/4″ aluminum at waterjet specialists in Lincoln  Nebraska.

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Our laser-cutting capabilities allow us to offer our clients clean, accurate and cost-effective aluminum-cutting services:

  • Thickness up to 3/8”
  • Accuracy to .002”
  • Any size up to 5’ x 10’
  • Flexibility to make minute changes
  • Clean edges eliminate the need for polishing or other post-cut treatment
  • Fast and economical process

Our process guarantees consistently accurate materials for any size run. Our processes, which are more cost-effective than machining, beat other aluminum-cutting alternatives, including:

  • Water jet – not as accurate and slower
  • Plasma – not as accurate
  • Flame cutting – not as accurate

Without the need for retooling, our process guarantees consistently accurate cuts that can be delivered fast.

Providing the strength of steel with one-third the weight, aluminum is an ideal material for companies in any industry. At Ambox, we work closely with manufacturers throughout the world to provide precise, custom-cut aluminum for every industry, including:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Packaging Machinery
  • agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Military
  • Art
  • architectural work

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