Laser Cutting Examples

Laser Cutting in Lincoln Nebraska include Stainless Steel,Aluminum,Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel,plastic,and wood.

Stainless Steel Parts cut and Bent for a customer.

Stainless Steel Parts Laser cut, bent, and prepared for shipping

This is an example of how we can separate parts for a customer as we are manufacturing the parts

First we used our Laser cutting Machine to cut the parts out of sheets of Stainless steel. The next step is to orginize them to go to one of our Press Brakes for this job we used a CNC Press brake. Our Programmer has already put in all of the solidworks Models into our ERP system and we have created QC Drawings. We Program the Press brake with this information. Since we are only bending a few of each part special attention is paid to make sure the the very first part comes out of the Laser and Press Brake right. Once the parts have been Bent we QC the bending and then carefully prepare the parts for shipping.

Laser cutting .25inch aluminum 6061

Laser cutting of 1/4″ aluminum at waterjet specialists in Lincoln  Nebraska.

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Our laser-cutting capabilities allow us to offer our clients clean, accurate and cost-effective aluminum-cutting services:

  • Thickness up to 3/8”
  • Accuracy to .002”
  • Any size up to 5’ x 10’
  • Flexibility to make minute changes
  • Clean edges eliminate the need for polishing or other post-cut treatment
  • Fast and economical process

Our process guarantees consistently accurate materials for any size run. Our processes, which are more cost-effective than machining, beat other aluminum-cutting alternatives, including:

  • Water jet – not as accurate and slower
  • Plasma – not as accurate
  • Flame cutting – not as accurate

Without the need for retooling, our process guarantees consistently accurate cuts that can be delivered fast.

Providing the strength of steel with one-third the weight, aluminum is an ideal material for companies in any industry. At Ambox, we work closely with manufacturers throughout the world to provide precise, custom-cut aluminum for every industry, including:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Packaging Machinery
  • agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Military
  • Art
  • architectural work

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check out some of our laser cutting samples

250 ton Press brake forming Handle


250 ton cnc Press brake forming an aluminum handle using a punch and die set we made in house.

Notice how the part is being bend in 2 different directions at one time.  We are often faced with different bending challenges and usually can come up with a unique approach to solve the problems. We have multiple press Brakes and 2 of them are 12 feet long which gives us the ability to bend very large parts as well as small ones like is shown in this video. Some times we get the bend parts with up to 14 bends on a part.  This adds extra challenges.  We also have a crane system that allows us to bend very heavy parts.

Laser Cutting Pictures

Our Laser can a cut a wide range of Metals.

It has cutting bed of 5 ft by 10 ft

These are some example images of what we have done. Some of these are just laser cut and some of them have been laser cut then the formed on a cnc press brake.  Next they get pem fasteners inserted and finally they are powder coated.  The Screen printing is done out of house.


We are a Job shop located in Lincoln Nebraska. We are right in the center of the country. We have many different things we can do for you. Some of our equipment include CNC Machining centers, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Saws, 4000 watt Laser 5′ x 10′, Water Jet 6′ x 12′, 12′ CNC Press Brake 250 ton, and many more. We also have in-house powder coating, Welding and an assembly dept. If you would like to get a quote on something give us a call at 1-877-566-0326 Ask for Sarah or Dane. Or email us at