Laser Cutting Pictures

Our Laser can a cut a wide range of Metals.

It has cutting bed of 5 ft by 10 ft

These are some example images of what we have done. Some of these are just laser cut and some of them have been laser cut then the formed on a cnc press brake.  Next they get pem fasteners inserted and finally they are powder coated.  The Screen printing is done out of house.


We are a Job shop located in Lincoln Nebraska. We are right in the center of the country. We have many different things we can do for you. Some of our equipment include CNC Machining centers, CNC Turning Centers, CNC Saws, 4000 watt Laser 5′ x 10′, Water Jet 6′ x 12′, 12′ CNC Press Brake 250 ton, and many more. We also have in-house powder coating, Welding and an assembly dept. If you would like to get a quote on something give us a call at 1-877-566-0326 Ask for Sarah or Dane. Or email us at

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